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Why Vitamin C Is Important for Skin

Why Vitamin C Is Important for Skin vandyke vitamin c 10% Serum

Why Vitamin C Is Important for Skin ?

Vitamin C Is Important for Skin: For a long time, we have been told that we should drink orange juice after waking up in the morning, it strengthens our immune system and also fulfils many needs of our body. Now recently we have come to know that these vitamins have been used for our skin care for a long time. These vitamins are used in products, as they are very good for our skin because of properties like anti-aging, firming and brightening

So what is vitamin c and why is it important for our skin? How will it be used on our skin and in how much time will we see its effect? Let’s know about it.

What are the effects of vitamin C on your skin?

Vitamin C is beneficial to your body, but when you consume it (via food, drinks, and supplements), your skin is mostly left out. The best way to reap the dermatological benefits of vitamin C is to use vitamin C-containing skin care products.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid, is often found in serum form these days, but it can also be found in creams and lotions, all of which help your skin absorb it easily.


Some Advantages of Vitamin C Serum 

  • Skin Protection

Our skin is constantly under attack from external enemies such as air pollution and sun exposure, as well as normal aging. All of these factors can degrade the luster of our skin by generating free radicals, which are unstable molecules that steal electrons from your cells and cause damage.

Free radicals are commonly obtained from the following sources:

  • Pollution of the air.
  • Alcohol, sugar, and a lack of nutrition.
  • Tobacco smoke.
  • UV radiation, such as that emitted by the sun and tanning beds.

However, antioxidants can protect your skin from free radicals by providing electrons for them to bind to. There is strong scientific evidence that vitamin C has antioxidant properties. Using vitamin C daily can reduce cell damage and improve skin health.

  • Anti -Ageing Effects 

Because free radicals can hasten skin aging, vitamin C is already fighting the good fight. It has also been shown to protect and increase the production of collagen, a protein that holds your body’s tissues together.

As you get older, your skin produces less collagen.This causes wrinkles, sags, and bags, so protecting and replacing collagen can keep your skin looking young.

  • Sunscreen with vitamin c serum

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, you want all the help you can get — and vitamin C provides a little extra.

According to studies, combining vitamin C with sunscreen provides even better sun protection and sun ageing protection because they work together.If any sunlight penetrates the sunscreen, the vitamin C will protect you.

  • Hyperpigmentation is reduced.

Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to even out skin tone by fading sun spots and other dark spots on the skin.

In one study, 73% of participants experienced an improvement in hyperpigmentation after using topical vitamin C, though the effects appear to be transient. When you stop using the ingredient, the effects begin to fade.

  • Reduces Dark-Eye Circles.

Get rid of the “You look tired” comments! According to a 14-person study, vitamin C improved dark under-eye circles caused by pooled blood. The collagen-boosting ability of vitamin C may also help thicken the skin under your eyes, making it harder to see the pooled blood (dark circles).

Precautions and Side Effects while using Vitamin C Serum

Most people have no negative side effects from using vitamin C serum, but in rare cases, you may experience:




To be safe, start with a low concentration of L-ascorbic acid if you have sensitive skin.

Choosing the Best Vitamin C Serum

There are numerous vitamin C products available at various price points. Here are some things to look for:

The proper ingredients: The term vitamin C serum does not always appear on the packaging. Look for a product that contains “ascorbic acid” or “L-ascorbic acid,” which is skin-specific vitamin C.

10%-20% concentration: Look for serum that is neither too weak nor too strong. Under 10% ascorbic acid will not provide the desired results, but anything above 20% risks seriously irritating your skin.

Say no to Clear bottle: The sunset glow of vitamin C serum can be lovely, but if it’s well packaged, you shouldn’t be able to tell. Because this ingredient is sensitive to sunlight, heat, and light, choose a product that is protected by dark or tinted glass.

How to apply Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C should be used after cleansing, and while it is safe to apply overnight, it also works as a backup for sunscreen if applied in the morning.

Although you must use it on a daily basis, don’t expect to see results right away it  takes 3 to 4 months to show its effect..


Vitamin C is an essential component of our daily lives. It shields us from many environmental hazards. Many people disregard it, but we should use it in our lives. That is why Vandyke has brought for you Vitamin C serum, which is very easy to apply on the skin and its effect is visible very quickly. It also contains other ingredients that are very important for your skin, so what are you waiting for? Buy now.

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