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Suddenly Appear Dark Patches On Skin: Treatment, Causes, Home Remedies 

Suddenly Appear Dark Patches On Skin Treatment, Causes - VANDYKE

Suddenly Appear Dark Patches On Skin: Treatment, Causes, Home Remedies 

Dark Patches on skin, also known as hyperpigmentation, can be worrying and affect one’s self-confidence. Understanding the causes, treatment options and home remedies for dark spots is essential for effective management. The purpose of this article is to provide comprehensive information on various factors. Treats hyperpigmentation with simple home remedies to help maintain even skin tone and promote health.

Please pay attention to this article as I have researched in detail many home remedies to treat dark spots on the skin. Next I have compiled a list of the best treatments which I will discuss in this post. If you do not look or miss even a single line of this informative article, you will not be able to understand the answers to your questions. So let’s get started and understand it in depth.

Why Appear Dark Patches On Skin

Dark spots on the skin also occur because the production of melanin on the skin increases at that time due to which black and brown spots start appearing on the face in the form of patches which appear darker than the surrounding areas. These may make you feel hyperpigmentation later but you should not panic too much because it is a normal condition and with the help of lifestyle changes and home remedies, you can change your hyperpigmentation condition.

Causes Dark Patches On Skin

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation on the skin can occur due to many reasons, although dark spots on the skin also depend on the skin of every person but their color on the face can be dark or light brown if we talk about their causes. So these can be of different types which you can see below.

  • Excessive Exposure to sunlight

The sun produces melanin, the pigment that gives your skin its color. Too much sunlight causes melanin to stick together, causing dark spots.

  • Hormonal changes

Things like pregnancy or birth control can affect your hormones, which can affect melanin production and cause dark spots.

  • Skin injury

Cuts, scratches, or even pimples can leave dark spots as your skin heals.

  • Swelling

However, it is common for dark spots to appear on the skin after post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs.

  • Some medicines

Some medicines also cause dark spots on the skin, hence you should get a prescription from the doctor before taking any medicine.

  • Genetics

Dark spots can also occur due to genetics, so it is often seen that if your parents have dark spots on their face, then the difference can be seen on your face.

NOTE: However, these are some possibilities due to which dark spots can appear on the face, but if you are troubled by the dark spots on your face, then you should go for its treatment or consult a dermatologist for this matter.

How to Remove Dark Spots On Face Fast Naturally


Papaya which is known to cure various conditions is also known as an excellent exfoliator to deal with skin problems. It also contains fruit acids which are known as hydroxy acids (AHA). It is said that it will help in making the skin glowing and youthful. Its use is considered quite effective for fine lines and hyperpigmentation on the face.


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which is used to treat dark spots on the face, however, when you mix lemon in water and apply it on your face, it can also cause algae on your face. Therefore, for the best dark spot remover for the body, use lemon with curd and honey.

NOTE: Lemon use can cause your face to become dry, so make sure to thoroughly Sepicalm 03% Moisturizer your face after using lemon. 


Honey has natural antibacterial and moisturizing properties. It can help soothe the skin and promote healing, potentially reducing discoloration. But don’t wash your face for 10 minutes after using it and apply the honey directly to your black patches.


Yogurt contains lactic acid, another gentle bleaching agent that can help fade dark spots. It also provides some hydration but you apply plain curd and leave it on your face for 20 minutes.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that can help even out skin tone. It is also known for its moisturizing properties. Apply aloe vera gel directly on your dark patches and leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Black Patches on skin Treatment 

Broad Spectrum sunscreen 

Sudden black spots on skin is also caused by not avoiding UVA harmful rays of sunlight as it is one of the main causes in all types of hyperpigmentation including melasma on the face, hence you are always advised to avoid these harmful rays. 

The sunscreen you should use should be SPF 30 or more, however, sometimes it is not enough for melasma and hyperpigmentation on the face, for this it is enough to use SPF 50 sunscreen which is also known as SPF sunblock.

Tranexamic acid For Face 

Tranexamic acid serum is one of the most effective treatments for melasma and hyperpigmentation. This acid reduces the production of melanin on the face, thereby reducing the activity of hyperpigmentation and its associated acne and melasma on the face.Tranexamic 03% Acid Serum can be used for all skin types, it is completely safe and dermatologically tested to reduce blackheads on your face within two weeks.


However, due to many reasons brown spots suddenly start appearing on the skin. these treatments that, use heat to remove hyperpigmentation from the face, which causes tiny black dots on the skin to suddenly appear, target and break down the pigment, so lasers are quite effective in dealing with this problem. 

Niacinamide 10%

Niacinamide acid serum is one of the effective treatments to reduce the visibility of dark spots on the face and treat conditions like hyperpigmentation. Therefore, if you have dark spots on your face, you should not wait too long to treat it because having dark spots on your face can make the condition worse. For dermatologist treatment for dark spots on face, you can use Niacinamide 10% Serum.

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In conclusion, the sudden appearance of dark spots on the skin can be disturbing, but understanding the causes is the first step towards effective treatment. It is also important for you to contact a skin expert for proper diagnosis and treatment. Treatment may include tranexamic face serums, laser therapy, or chemical peels, depending on the underlying cause. Additionally, incorporating gentle home remedies like applying aloe vera or using sunscreen can help manage and prevent darkening.

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