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How to Get Rid Sagging or Wrinkles

How to Get Rid Sagging or Wrinkles - Vandyke

How to Get Rid Sagging or Wrinkles

Sagging or Wrinkles – We will not be young forever. This is a normal occurrence. Wrinkles begin to form on our skin. As we age, our skin’s elasticity begins to deteriorate and lines of sagging skin appear, and this occurs earlier in obese people. Our skin appears to stretch due to weight, and as we age, our fat begins to dissolve, which appears to be a major cause of sagging. You’ve probably seen people who gain weight in their 20s and 30s. Sagging skin begins to appear older after the age of 40.

We cannot stop sagging or ageing, and increasing wrinkles cause a slew of issues, especially if they appear prematurely. Although there is no cure, there are some anti-aging remedies. We can slow it down with skin care products and salon treatments. Would you like to know what activities we can do to slow down our ageing and sagging?

What do Wrinkles or Sagging Mean? 

Our skin also goes through many lovely phases, such as sagging and wrinkles. Wrinkles appear on our skin when our skin starts to loose after the age of forty or as a result of fat loss, even though they are a normal part of ageing. This happens to all living things, but in humans, it shows up as sagging and wrinkles. It differs from person to person because there are many factors that affect it, including their lifestyle choices, diet, and geographic location, and because it also depends on our individual circumstances.

It’s common to see sagging or wrinkles on the chin, throat, cheeks, stomach, and underarms. These symptoms worsen with ageing and can also be observed after weight loss or the birth of a child.

Protein Responsible for Wrinkles and Sagging 

Our lack of certain proteins, such as collagen and elastin, is the cause of this skin loosening. These proteins serve as the foundation of our skin. Both the epidermis, which is the skin’s top layer, and the dermis, which is the skin’s middle layer, contain it. Our skin remains firm, plump, and youthful due to the actions of collagen and elastin.

Skincare Ingredients for Wrinkles and Sagging 

  • Vitamins A and C

For anti-aging, it would be difficult to find an ingredient that is superior to vitamins A and C. These ingredients are essential for this. They ought to be a part of your skincare regimen. These vitamins support the skin’s renewal and replenishment.

Its primary function is to enhance collagen synthesis and promote the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres. This collagen keeps our skin plump and elastic while also slowing down the production of dead cells to give our skin a youthful, healthy appearance. It also helps to make our skin thicker.

You can also use skincare products which contain Vitamin A & C like Vandyke 10% Vitamin Serum For at least three months, using a vitamin C and A formulation on a daily basis reduced the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles on the face and neck and enhanced the texture and appearance of the skin overall. And you can also use

Vitamin C Serum With Vitamin E & Ferulic acid for more results

And you can also fulfil the deficiency of Vitamin A and C by taking a good diet like adding sweet potato sweet potato, carrots, spinach, butternut squash, and kale in your diet.

  • SPF

This SPF is crucial, regardless of whether it is relevant or not. You should always use it, whether you’re at home or out, in a meeting, or in a park. Because the sun’s UV rays are responsible for 80% of skin wrinkling and sagging. Because of this, it is the leading cause of skin elasticity loss and induces additional damage.

Because of their short wavelength and ease of absorption into the skin, rays can burn our skin and cause other issues like redness. In a similar vein, the rays enter our homes through glass windows and enter our skin as well. Our skin becomes loose and wrinkled as a result of it inhibiting the growth of our proteins, such as collagen and elastin.

Mice exposed to high levels of UVA radiation showed a greater decline in skin elasticity than mice exposed to low levels of UVA radiation, according to a study published in the Journal. Let’s safeguard our structural fibres, then!

You can a SPF like Vandyke Multi Vitamin Face Sunscreen for Complete Sun Protection


Free radicals are unpaired, reactive electrons that are created by the body’s natural chemical reactions to food and breathing as well as external exposure to things like pollution, smoke from cigarettes, and UV radiation.

Free radicals can contribute to the oxidation process, which breaks down healthy collagen and elastin fibres by robbing them of an electron.Antioxidants are useful in this situation. In order to stop cellular damage, antioxidants neutralise unstable free radicals by providing them with an extra electron.

Treatments by Professional for Sagging and Wrinkles

While pro-aging skincare ingredients may tighten fairly lax skin, professional skin treatments may be more effective in treating moderately sagging skin.

Resurfacing with Lasers

Alternatively, laser resurfacing can be more your style. An ablative fractionated carbon dioxide laser, also known as a fraxel laser, was found to improve skin laxity by penetrating the epidermis and promoting the production of collagen and elastin.

Needling at a microscopic level

And finally, microneedling. A wound-healing response is triggered by the micro wounds that are created when the micro needles puncture the epidermis’ tip. This promotes the growth factors’ release, which causes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. In addition, it helps with acne, melasma, scars, and photodamage.


Does anyone want a non-invasive facelift? Ultherapy produces a plumper, tighter appearance by applying concentrated ultrasound energy to a specific area of the skin. It will aid in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and lack of elasticity!


Sagging and wrinkles result from the skin losing its elasticity due to a natural phenomenon. Nature is a phase that everyone goes through, so there is no cure for it, but we can slow it down with some medication and skin care. This is because more collagen and elastin proteins are formed as a result of certain medically approved procedures and products.

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