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Hair Shedding vs Hair Loss Know The Difference Between Two Points

Hair Shedding vs Hair Loss - vandyke

Hair Shedding vs Hair Loss Understand the Difference Between Two Points

Is your subconscious worry about hair loss draining you? You are curious to know about the possible causes of hair loss. If you are experiencing some hair fall then you should not worry because this is a normal condition. However, if you notice that your hair is falling out more than usual, you can try some of the techniques covered in this article. However, before starting with any treatment (hair Shedding vs hair loss) you should be aware of the condition of your hair.

You should read this article with full focus because I have done a lot of research to understand the difference between hair fall and loss. With the help of which I will explain to you in this article because when you know what is the real condition of your hair then it becomes possible to treat it properly. To understand the content of this article, try to read it without skipping a single line. So let’s get started and delve deeper.

What is hair shedding? (Hair Shedding vs Hair Loss)

If hair shedding is normal then there is no need to worry about it.. According to studies, every person has 100,000 hair follicles on his head. Depending on the growth cycle of hair follicles, it is normal for an average person to lose up to 100 hairs per day on their head. He combs some of the hair. 

This means that at least 100 hairs fall from the head every day, however, at the same rate the hair grows 0.35 mm/day. 

If your hair is falling normally, it is a sign of health and does not indicate any serious problem. Sometimes excessive stress also causes hair fall and this can also become a strong reason for your hair Shedding.

What causes excessive hair shedding?

  • Stress 

If you are feeling physical stress then it can also cause hair loss.

  • Hormonal fluctuations

Problems like pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid problems, menopause and other hormonal changes can also harm hair health.

  • Nutritional deficiencies

Deficiency of iron, Protein, biotin and other nutrients in the body can also cause hair loss.

  • Age

If you are near old age, you may experience excessive hair fall as hair loss increases as you age.

What Is Hair Loss  (Hair Loss vs Shedding )

Like other body functions, hair fall is a problem that everyone experiences every day. Hair fall is normal as long as your hair is falling with a count of at least 100. Such a situation occurs when you start feeling that something is hindering the growth of your hair. The hair condition anagen effluvium is also a cause of hair loss. Mitotic or metabolic activity is what causes hair loss. It takes at least 90 days for hair to regrow, so whatever treatment you try, you need to be consistent.

What Causes Of hair Loss

  • Nutritional imbalance

Poor diet is often responsible for hair fall. You can include nuts and seeds in your diet which contribute to your hair growth.

  • Heredity

Some people may also experience hair fall due to heredity. If you are reaching out to new destinations for your hair fall, then heredity may also be responsible for it.

  • Reactions to certain medications or treatments

Consuming some medicines can also harm your healthy hair due to which you will experience more hair fall than normal. Treatments like chemotherapy can also be a reason for this.

  • Excessive styling with heat

Despite extreme heat, excessive styling can be harmful for hair, which can become a cause of hair fall, so to prevent hair fall, you should stop using hair growth serum or excessive styling.

What is The Difference Between Hair Loss and Hair Shedding

If you feel that your hair is falling more than normal and your hair is also becoming thin, then it indicates your hair fall problem, that is, now you are struggling with the problem of hair fall. (Hair Shedding vs Hair Fall) It has always been a bit difficult to make comparisons between the two. 

The difference between hair Shedding and hair loss is important. If you are talking about ingrown hair which is a daily occurrence then you are cleaning it yourself but if your condition is hair fall then it indicates some serious problem, however for clear and accurate information you should visit a dermatologist.

How to maintain healthy hair 

  1. Take supplements

However, the problem of hair fall can also be due to lack of nutrition. Therefore, eat a healthy diet to strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall. To promote your healthy hair, you can take a daily multivitamin and biotin, which can lead to stronger hair.

  1. Hair Growth Serum 

Hair fall is a big problem which if ignored can become a major problem, Hair Growth Serum 18% is a powerful formula that is used to address various hair concerns. This hair growth serum is suitable for men and women.

  1. Nourish your scalp

For good hair health, you have to keep your hair nourished and hydrated. To provide nutrition to the ends of your hair, you can also use a hair mask, which is a great product to provide nutrition to the roots of your hair.

Is It Safe to Use Hair Growth Serum for Strong Hair?

Hair Growth Serum 18% is a completely safe hair serum for men and women to reduce hair fall and strengthen hair. An effective hair growth serum with a blend of 5 proven ingredients (Capixil, Procapil, Redensil, Anagain and Bacapil) that strengthens hair follicles and prevents regular hair loss. 

And it is not just that Vandyke Skincare says that this Hair Fall Control Serum is an effective hair serum for strengthening the hair. After using it, 98% of customers found that their hair fall was significantly reduced after 3 weeks. 90% of customer reviews report that the scalp remains hydrated after application.


Hair loss is normal, but hair loss may require attention. If you notice extra hair in the shower or on your brush, don’t panic. Control stress, eat well and use gentle hair care products. If hair loss continues, consult a doctor. Always remember that it is important to understand the difference between hair Shedding vs hair loss to keep your hair healthy if you want to treat the problem.

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