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How To Get Rid of Dull Skin?

How To Get Rid of dull skin | Vandyke

How To Get Rid of Dull Skin?

You are also Concerned by a dull face or your skin that looks uninspired, flat, or even gray, and with uneven skin tone. And you may be thinking why my face looks dull and tired? 

In this article we are finding the answer to the same question you asked and we are also suggesting to you how you can do a proper treatment suggested by a dermatologist. 


As you all are familiar with, your skin is the largest organ on the human body and skin performs many important functions other than protection and enhancing the beauty of yours. So it makes sense it needs a full care about your skin. 

There are many reasons for dull skin. So let’s discuss them one by one.


Drinking enough water is very important for the glowing and  bright skin. If you are not drinking enough water that will surely affect your skin health. And your face looks dull.

You can also use Vandyke 2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum that will fix your dull skin and provide hydration throughout the day.

Lack of Moisturizer

Many of us didn’t know the importance of face moisturizer and skipped it. You cannot skip moisturizer especially if you are dealing with dry skin problems

Use moisturizer twice a day for better results.this will brighten dull skin of yours.

I will suggest you Vandyke 5% Marula Oil Face Moisturizer for dry skin type. Use it two times and you will be surprised by the results you got after this product.


Face dryness may be the top reason for this. Especially in the winter, when humidity is very low, your skin looks dull in winter. 

Tobacco use

One of the environmental factors that can affect how quickly your skin ages is smoking. Smoking can damage your skin’s collagen production and elastic fibers and increase the level of oxidative stress in your skin cells. These effects can make your skin age faster and look duller.


Aging is an inevitable part of life. You cannot reverse or stop aging. But you can adapt your skin care routine to make your skin young at an increasing age. Aging might also be the reason for dull skin.


Now you know the reasons for dull skin, so what you can do to stop or prevent the dull skin or how you do dull skin treatment.

Don’t be harsh on your skin

If you remove makeup don’t go hard on it try to remove it in a gentle way. Try some oil before removing makeup or anything else and don’t dry your face with a harsh towel. This will irritate your skin and your skin looks dull.

Avoid hot water

Hot water will remove the natural skin oil on your face. And your face will look dull. You can use lukewarm water for cleansing and other uses for the better health of your skin.

Exfoliate your skin regularly 

Made exfoliation is part of your routine. 

When dead skin cells build up on the outer layer of your skin this makes your skin look dull and stop glowing. Regular exfoliation will help you with that. You can use Vandyke AHA 25% + BHA 2% + PHA 5% Peeling Solution once a week this will remove all the dead cells on the skin and revive your skin. 

Use Serums

To maximize your skin beauty and get rid of dull skin. You have to see the magic of face serums.

Serums are easily absorbed on your skin and you can use them after face cleansing.

The serum you can get for dull skin. 

By preventing and reversing the damage caused by free radicals that break down collagen, these ingredients can enhance the antioxidant effect.

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important for better and healthy skin. You should at least apply moisturizer twice a day. This will help you to get rid of dull skin. We previously suggested to you  Vandyke 5% Marula Oil Face Moisturizer . you can try this.

Increase collagen growth with a retinoid

Collagen growth and skin cell turnover are enhanced by retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A. Retinoids help to remove old skin cells and reveal new, fresh ones. They also make the top layer of cells smoother and thinner. As a result, says Shainhouse, the light will bounce off of this smooth surface better, giving you a more natural glow.

Vandyke 2% Granactive Retinoid Face Serum will help you with that.


Sunscreen is very important for all the people who want healthy skin. Whenever you go out in the sun, always wear sunscreen. This helps you from the harmful rays of sun and brighten dull skin. We have Vandyke Multi Vitamin Face Sunscreen this the spf 50 one so  this will completely protect you from the sun.

To Summarize 

Dull skin can be caused by dehydration, lack of moisture, dryness, tobacco use, and aging. To combat dullness, maintain hydration, moisturize with appropriate products, avoid harsh treatment, exfoliate regularly, use serums for brightening and pore reduction, incorporate a retinoid serum for collagen growth, and protect your skin from the sun. Following these steps and utilizing products like Vandyke’s products can rejuvenate your skin and achieve a brighter, healthier complexion.

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