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Best 3 moisturizer for skin in winter

Best 3 moisturizer for skin in winter - vandyke

Best 3 moisturizer for skin in winter

Moisturizer for skin: I used to be really into makeup and fashion, but not so much skincare. I dressed differently for each season, switching up my makeup and outfits—think berry lips for autumn, bright colors for spring, and coats and scarves for winter. But that is no longer the case. I spend a lot of time in loungewear and try to change up my skincare regimen according to the season. Really, it’s a vibe.

Change to my fall/winter routine at the first hint of chill (which has just arrived in Delhi, where I currently reside). While some individuals have ornate closets, I have a well-organized skincare “bookshelf” that I arrange according to the products’ categories and their respective roles in my routine.

I have my makeup removers, cleansers, oils, moisturizers, essences, serums, and wash-off and sheet masks in order of preference. This is really helpful to me when the seasons change. All I have to do is push everything that matches my skincare products to the front of my shelf, and my seasonal skincare routine is finished! I don’t know about you, but dry, windy, and cold weather doesn’t agree with my skin. My skin becomes extremely dry and my eczema flares up. But happily, I’ve been seeing a lot of results with the three new moisturizers I added to my winter skincare routine. Are you curious about them further? Continue reading!

Vandyke Marula Oil 05% Moisturizer

I have to admit that I was immediately taken aback by the name of this cream. My best friend is ceramides, and who doesn’t want to be cozy in the winter? All of us do. For those with sensitive skin, those who are irritated by the dry heat or cold in an office, or anyone who simply wants to give their skin a little extra love and care, this new cream from vandyke is ideal. Since my skin is prone to dryness and irritation after my weekly chemical exfoliating treatments, I like to use it after those treatments. It’s also excellent to use when my skin is extremely dry from a hard, sweaty workout.

This cream’s two main components are a combination  Hyaluronic Acid & Betaine The first ingredient is actually medical-grade which strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier and increases skin elasticity—two very significant benefits with winter quickly approaching. In addition to locking in much-needed moisture and strengthening and repairing your delicate barrier, help to keep your skin smooth and soft throughout the winter.

However, the fact that this cream is extremely hydrating and moisturizing without feeling greasy is what really sets it apart. It’s like a hug for the skin—it literally melts into the skin upon contact. I’ve used it both in the morning and the evening, and it looks great under makeup. It also deserves extra credit for the stylish tube packaging, in my opinion.

Vandyke Sepicalm 03% Moisturizer

Sepicalm 03% Moisturizer is going to be your new best friend if you still have oily skin in the winter and you want something that is lightweight but still incredibly hydrating and moisturizing. The Oat Extract extract used in its formulation forms a protective moisture barrier on top of your skin, hydrating and moisturizing it while also strengthening the moisture barrier. Wintertime is a critical time for barrier health. How come? Our skin, after all, adores moisture. Furthermore, the opposite of moisturizing air is cold, dry air.

Furthermore, the cozy heat in our houses contributes to yet another environment that dries out our skin. This mixture is like lightning for dry, flaky skin, but luckily honey, this cream will bring your skin together. Additionally, it has an ingredient called polyglutamic acid, which is meant to preserve and enhance the condition of your skin’s moisture barrier.

 Since my skin is normal to dry, I’ve used this cream both during the day and at night. At night, I like to use something a little heavier and prefer to use it under makeup. I can appreciate this when I’m sitting in front of my computer for Zoom calls and meetings because it blends into my skin beautifully and leaves a subtle, glowy sheen.

Its smooth, gel-cream texture makes it glide on the skin with incredible ease. Its slightly creamy texture is attributed to shea butter, while squalane plumps and hydrates the skin. The fragrance is also really nice; it’s a clean, gentle floral that takes me back to the Bygone Era, when we could visit spas.

Vandyke 10% Vitamin B5 Moisturizer

10% Vitamin B5 Moisturizer is so perfect that I want to write a love sonnet to it. My skin type is combination, oily, dry, and normal; I’m not sure how a cream could balance that out perfectly, but this one does. And we have to stan for that.

I see myself using this cream frequently for months or even years to come. How come? First of all, it has the most amazing texture—it feels so light when applied, yet it has the thick, creamy consistency of a moisturizer designed for drier skin types. Because of its lightweight texture, it absorbs into the skin almost instantly, leaving you with a smooth, satiny finish that looks great under makeup. This one, when combined with a tiny bit of oil for added moisture, has become my new favorite at night. 


The list of ingredients is short but efficient. Panthenol, or vitamin B5, is the first ingredient. It has anti-inflammatory and deep-penetrating moisturizing properties for the skin and promotes epithelization for wound healing. Also available is Biosaccharide Gum. An organic occlusive that creates a thin, permeable layer on the skin to stop TEWL and to retain zinc, copper, and magnesium have the ability to scavenge radicals and, when combined, they prevent the production of free radicals inside cells. Additionally, these minerals increase the skin cells’ oxygenation, which raises cell metabolism and promotes cell regeneration. My darlings with sensitive skin are welcome to use this because it is fragrance-free! 

I hope you’re feeling a little more ready to update your winter skincare collection now. It’s crucial that we take care of our skin and general mental and physical well-being this winter. I feel like I glow from the inside out because I’ve been dedicating more time every night and morning to properly nourish my skin.

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